Betello® Comfort Height® Two-piece elongated 1.28 gpf chair height toilet with ContinuousClean Technology Sandbar

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Automatic cleaning meets powerful swirl-style flushing with the Betello™ with ContinuousClean two-piece toilet, featuring a contemporary skirted design. ContinuousClean system which harnesses the antimicrobial cleaning power of off-the-shelf white tablets to automatically fight germs with every flush and keep your bowl clean longer. Simply place a cleaning tablet in the tank compartment, set the desired amount with the adjustment dial, and the system does all the work, evenly mixing fresh water with the cleaning agent and dispensing cleaning solution into each flush via the rim jet. Paired with Kohler's Revolution 360® flush technology, ContinuousClean raises toilet cleanliness to a new level.


- Two-piece design.
- Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort.
- Skirted trapway simplifies cleaning.
- ContinuousClean system automatically dispenses cleaning solution with every flush, keeping your bowl cleaner 5x longer.
- Works with any white toilet bowl cleaner tablet. Tablets last for more than one year in ContinuousClean system.
- Revolution 360® swirl-flushing technology generates a forceful swirling motion to keep the bowl cleaner, longer.
- Comfort Height® feature offers chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults.
- 1.28 gpf (4.8 lpf).
- Left-hand Polished Chrome trip lever.
- 2-1/8" (54 mm) fully-glazed trapway.
- Combination consists of the K-20148 bowl and K-20204 tank.
- CleanCoat™ technology inhibits the growth of water scale and mineral stains for improved ease of cleaning.
- Patented ReadyLock™ installation system is a simple solution for skirted toilets that saves time, hassle, and eliminates the need to drill into the floor for a standard 12" (305 mm) rough-in.



- Adjustment dial lets you set how much cleaning solution is dispensed with every flush.
- Optional: uses two AAA batteries (included) to power the LED system indicator light. System indicator light will notify user when system is working properly and when to replace cleaning agent or batteries.
- Single-flush gravity uses the force of gravity and a precision-engineered tank, bowl, and trapway to create a strong siphon during flushing.
- AquaPiston® canister allows water to flow out of the tank from all sides (360 degrees), increasing the power and effectiveness of the flush.
- Flush valve's 3:2 ratio harnesses the natural force of gravity and optimizes flush performance.


- Standard 12" (305 mm) rough-in.
- 10" and 14" (254 mm and 356 mm) rough-in kits also available.
- Seat and supply line sold separately.
- Le système d’installation breveté ReadyLock™ est une solution simple pour les toilettes KOHLER à siphon dissimulé qui offre un gain de temps et une simplification et qui élimine le besoin de percer le sol pour une plomberie brute standard de 12 pouces.

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