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Keeping a Kohler Signature Store in Bethesda thriving requires a diverse set of leadership skills, and as a Sales Associate, you’re a master of them all. In the store’s fast-paced, dynamic retail environment, you exhibit composure as you learn from each new challenge. You inspire high-performing teams of unique individuals who deliver positive experiences for customers as they learn, shop, and get support. Most importantly, you share both the Kohler by GROF Brand vision with employees and customers alike.

Specific responsibilities include:

• Business Development

• Store Operations

• Team Development.

Business Development


  • Partner and aid the Store Manager in the development of monthly and annual Team Goals.
  • Maintain a strong knowledge of local market opportunities and de elopment of a proactive and effective customer development strategy to drive new customer acquisition.
  • Partner and aid the Store Manager with in-store Consumer, Trade, and Community events, along with all forms of Media and Marketing.


  • “Best in Class” customer service, providing a gracious and Branded experience to all customers.
  • The execution of client development strategies, ensuring consistent collection and updating of client information in our CRM data base Cin7.
  • A strong and consistent team atmosphere by assisting colleagues’ customers in their absence
  • The Sales Reporting Process: including daily, weekly, and monthly review of results with the Sales team and StoreManger
  • Provide partnership and mentoring to the sales staff on strategies to help close perspective quotes, customer follow up,
  • Continuous communication with Logistic and Administrative teams to assure the proper functioning of the different processes that affect sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Monthly meetings with the company’s directive to report and align objectives for the team and the Store.

Store Operations


  • A satisfactory score on the Continued Improvement Checklists that are conducted Quarterly in partnership with the Store Manager.
  • A satisfactory score on all internal audits conducted bi-annually, and complete an annual Cycle Count of all displays, andon hand inventory, by year end, in partnership with Store Manager.


  • Standards for all creative products in store that includes literature, signage, price tags, and general overall décor.
  • Customer quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, returns, open invoices, and related paperwork, with high level of urgency.
  • Ongoing feedback to the Store Manager on all suggested ideas for store improvement, product development, and client services, internal and external.
  • Operational efficiencies, assisting the Store Manager in all reporting processes, daily weekly, monthly, and annualreports.
  • Ensure Office support structure is maintained, including supplies and equipment are ordered in timely manner, and all equipment is repaired and fully functioning.

Team Development


  • Build and maintain a strong network of talent within the industry and amongst like industry professionals.
  • Maintain a “Best in Class” Customer experience, for all internal and external customers.
  • Be the Kohler Signature Store “Brand Ambassador”, leading by example, and setting the stage for superior sales and service results.
  • Continuous knowledge improvement in the golden circle of what, how, why of each of the brands we carry.


  • Monthly, bi-annual, and annual performance review meetings with designated members of sales team, in order to identify and leverage strengths, and to close any identified skill gaps through appropriate coaching and/or training.
  • Monthly one on one meeting with Store Manager, reviewing staff performance results, developing strategies and individual development plans, to ensure performance metrics are met and or exceeded.
  • Communicate the client development strategy, and the related individual objectives, promotions, and event strategies, to each sales team member.
  • Interactive discussions and role playing with all sales team members, providing the opportunity to practice and solidify new and refreshed skills.
  • Participation in Monthly / Quarterly Team Meetings. Point of discussion to be designated by Store Manager.
  • Sales and Product Training: schedule weekly and monthly Vendor and Manufacturer trainings for all products provided at the Kohler Signature Store.

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