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We present you a product that will compete in your home as your favorite place in terms of comfort. Convert your toilet seat into the most comfortable seat in your home. The toilet seats are no longer an element of the toilet and are just a seat, at GROF we have toilet seats for you that stand out and are an important and necessary piece when choosing and designing your bathroom. Be part of this innovation that we have for you, with technology that will make that piece a delicately selected product and will exceed your expectations, without leaving behind that avant-garde design of your bathroom.

This piece has evolved, we have the highest technology for your comfort. From adjusting the temperature of your seat, displays and controls that allow you to adjust, and set all your personal preferences from the temperature and pressure of the water to the temperature of the seat and air drying. Locate your toilet safely in the dark without turning on the light at night with our Nightlight technology, also with this built-in night light that illuminates the bowl and the self-cleaning stainless steel rod uses ultraviolet light to disinfect automatically. Exclusive Grip-Tight bumpers that hold the seat firmly in place and prevent it from moving, slow closes. Dare to explore and live the experience of the most top of technology.

In any home, cleanliness is important that is why we have Purefresh technology for your bathroom, which allows us to offer products that are out of the standard of the past. It combines a carbon deodorizing system that neutralizes odors and a built-in air freshener that releases a slight scent plus we have seats with strong and stain resistant plastic construction.

Not only cleanliness and technology is important that is why we also care about the image, and that innovative and unique design of your bathroom, no matter what standard toilet or fancy you have, we have a whole range of colors for toilet seats available to match your toilet. We invite you to live this experience that we have for you, do not let your life adapt to that standard toilet of the past and adapt your toilet to your lifestyle.

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