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Light is such a broad concept that in a few words we can say that it is life, as important as water for humans. Lighting is something that differentiates us and makes us stand out among living beings due to the use we make of it. Lighting is such an important element that it has given us the opportunity to enjoy closed spaces regardless of the time, so important that it gives us not only lighting but also sensations and complements any design in all spaces. It is so important when designing that it can be our center of attention in our dining room until it goes unnoticed in a room but without leaving style and design behind.

The choice of a lamp in all your spaces is important that it is integrated into your decoration, at GROF we have the hanging lights that you are looking for from the most prominent KOHLER brand in products for your spaces. Explore on our site the pendant lights that we have for you, which provide you with useful and ambient light, but also a decorative sensation. The types of lighting can give your space a fresh, warm or even cold feeling if that is what you are looking for. You must know what type of lighting and how much your space needs to make any space a pleasant space with a touch of style.

Pendant lights bring instant elegance to spaces, no matter what your style is with simple pendant versions to multi-light pendant versions. A pendant light is a perfect choice for an entrance or to be your kitchen pendant lighting, it turns boring spaces into fun and cozy. A trio of pendant lights transforms a dining room into a modern, open space, bringing perfect elegance to rooms with high ceilings.

Pendant lighting is the perfect choice for decorative lighting. Designers use them to achieve spaces that achieve effects from cozy to dramatic with the simple Artifacts® lamps inspired by the vintage into of the turn of the century or pendant lamps that you can spread for a uniform and controlled lighting that stands out among the glass pendant lights. Known and acclaimed for its unique candle shape made from antique apothecary jars, our Damask ™ Single Light or Tri-Light Pendant Cloud or Damask ™ Adjustable Pendant Lights illuminate any space with style and lasting embellishment.

We have for you a unique special option inspired by the agricultural heritage of Kohler Co. Modern Farm Pendant Lamp with One Light or Modern Farm One-Light XL Pendant Lamp with Linear Pendant Lighting designed to be at the forefront of modern-minded design and style with its perfect balance between rustic and refined. Explore the unique and exclusive collection that KOHLER has delicately designed to bring your spaces to life.

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