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At GROF we fully understand your needs as a builder and remodeler. We understand the importance of having the right products for each type of project, the added value of advice that helps add value to projects and reduce costs, the need for reliable delivery times, and having a team of Design Consultants, agent sales with product knowledge and key account managers available to you 365 days a year.

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Schedule a private meeting with our Design Consultants in any of our Kohler Signature Stores and Showrooms, In our spaces and with our advice you will find the appropriate products for the design of the most exclusive projects, in a wide range that ranges from traditional to soft -modern

Virtual Consultations

Our virtual consultations sessions are created to simplify the life of you and the end customer. Our Design Consultants will be able to meet with you virtually on our platform and provide solutions to all types of projects.

Trade Discounts & Reward Points

Subscribe to our list of exclusive partners and enjoy highly competitive prices and GROF Signature Rewards, where you will earn points that you can exchange for our products and services whenever you prefer.

Projects Specs Support

A project worthy of recognition must be at the forefront of design and technology, for this GROF puts its team at your disposal to bring you the latest ideas and product launches to support you in selecting the right products for your project.

Product Samples

Every designer must feel the product, in order to provide security in the choice of them, our team can supply all kinds of samples to our network of partners, providing the necessary tools to create dream projects.

CEUs and Training

Continuous education and mutual growth has been a pillar of our beginnings. We love to share knowledge and with it, increase the level of professionalism and quality in our industry. Create your account with us and stay up to date with our training programs for partner companies.

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Tailored Design Services for our Professional Customers

Tailored Design Services

for our Professional Customers

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