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Among the pendant ceiling lights, the chandelier is a design that maintains its concept until today, it is a lamp with several lights that extend from a central point. This concept has existed since the Middle Ages, and it was always an illumination in the dining rooms of good wealth houses so, it always provides that essence of elegance, luxury, and decoration. 

The designs of the chandeliers have evolved but maintain their concept, at GROF we offer you dining room chandeliers, small chandeliers, and living room chandelier. With delicately designs to fit and complement your spaces. When you choose a chandelier as home lighting, you must take into account that it will be the total visual center of your space, so your choice and design should be ideal, and at GROF we offer you chandeliers evolved in their design to be more than the traditional chandelier for a dining room.

Select today your chandelier that matches your other lamps keeping the same style with the Artifacts® Three-light chandelier, Modern Farm Three-light chandelier, Components ™ Eight-light LED chandelier, Damask ™ Five-light chandelier. Find the unexpected in our collection of chandeliers as you explore and find the ideal one to illuminate the beauty of your home with chandelier light.

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