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The organization is a fundamental factor for a satisfactory day and a good cleaning in a home. At GROF we have for you the most acclaimed medicine cabinets, known for their high quality and exclusive designs on the market. With innovative pieces, and a great variety for all styles. 

Our most sought-after product and with great success in the market is our collection of Verdera® medicine cabinets highlighted by its ideal lighting and perfect side compartments with the widest variety of sizes for all types of bathrooms in your home. The medicine cabinets with a bathroom mirror are a key element in the decoration, and the function of all the bathrooms in your home, being an important part of all our daily routines, giving you great ease in the organization, the disposition of your medicines, and personal cleansing accessories to help you have more satisfying and victorious days. 

Our multi-sized Catalan® medicine cabinet stands out among our products for its ease of placing on the front and back of your door as well as on the inside rear wall of the closet with durable and elegant aluminum finishes. If you are looking for a medicine cabinet that has different high and low shelves to optimize your spaces, we have for you the most efficient on the market with our Maxstow ™ collection with a sophisticated design, it is a perfect choice that fits what you need to organize.

The bathroom mirror with a drawer is also the most faithful and sincere companion in the home, which will be helping you start and end your day. With our exclusive and sophisticated designs, it is possible to take home this most functional companion that you can find in the market. Browse our models an antique medicine cabinet, a vintage medicine cabinet, a lighted medicine cabinet, a small medicine cabinet, a wood medicine cabinet, a large medicine cabinet, and more.

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