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At GROF we offer you the widest range of colors, and high quality in our selection of showers to make your bathroom a place with style. The bathroom is the center of our daily routines and when it is time to take a shower we all want to relax and feel comfortable. We have for you those ideal showers from the most reliable brand on the market, like Kohler and Kallista, which will make those moments a unique and special experience with the highest technology, quality, and style to complement your bathroom.

Let yourself relax and refresh with an enveloping warm rain, if Summer is your favorite season, and you want to feel a warm summer deluge, we can take it to your home, with our sophisticated shower with an innovative Katalyst air-induction technology, which simulates a deluge warm summer. This innovative technology consists of an efficient combination of air and water.

Explore all our range of luxury showers to complement your bathroom with style. We know that all bathrooms have different designs and sizes, so we have the ideal color and size for you, and live new experiences with our innovative technologies with a clean appearance and durable anti corrosive finishes perfect for outside showers that also combine with all our accessories. 

If saving water is important to you, we have showers that with our technology gives you substantial water savings and an air induction system that by inducing two liters of air per minute that increases the sensory experience to the maximum, with a spray powerful with larger and fuller water droplets.

If you want to have a variety of sprays in your shower, we have the ideal product for you, with multifunctional showers, which offers three types of sprays that provide quality, design and performance. The artfully sculpted spray surface draws inspiration from purposeful patterns found in nature and complements a wide range of bathroom styles.

 If your bathroom is modern and luxurious or standard, it is like having custom showers, our showers will be key to making it a place where you can feel the luxury from above.

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