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Just because we make toilets, it doesn’t mean we like to clean them, and we’re guessing it isn’t your favorite chore either. And while cleaning the toilet is one of those pesky prices we pay for the convenience of modern plumbing, there are ways to minimize the mess and shrink the struggle. So roll up your sleeves, snap on the gloves, and use our list of cleaning tips and tricks to make your life a little easier.

Invest in proper gloves
You don’t need to go full hazmat suit, but a good pair of durable cleaning gloves that cover your wrists and forearms will help fortify you for the task. Just be aware that some gloves are made with latex, which can cause allergic reactions for some people.


Put the spotlight on the star of the show
Most of our toilets look like the lead singer in a band, backed up by a motley cast of brushes, plungers and trash cans. Clear the stage, give your toilet a solo performance, and let the backups take a break. It’ll make for a much more efficient (and thorough) cleaning process.


Increase cleaning frequency
It’s kind of like that toothache you’re trying to ignore. Put it off long enough and a filling becomes a root canal. Frequent, low-intensity cleanings keep the tough stuff from clinging and are better than waiting until you can’t stand to look at the toilet anymore.


Add a Quick-Release™ toilet seat
Nooks, crannies and corners are the bane of bathroom cleaning, with the toilet seat attachment points being some of the worst offenders. Eliminate these mess magnets and save yourself some time with a Quick-Release seat that snaps on and off with ease.

Use the right cleaners
Most common store cleaners and brushes are capable of effectively cleaning the bowl and killing germs. That means you can focus on comfort and preference when selecting these products. Look for cleaners with scents that you like and brushes with ergonomic handles and heads that are angled or can be tilted.


Start with the right toilet
We saved the best tip for last. The best way to take the hassle out of your least-favorite chore is to start with a toilet with strong flushing power, integrated self-cleaning technology, an anti-stick coating on the bowl and concealed trapway. Here’s a quick rundown of some of these innovative features and how they can improve your day-to-day experience:

  1. Revolution 360® swirl flushing technology — This sends the water into the bowl from a single outlet in the rim, circling the bowl with far greater force and surface area coverage than a typical flush, resulting in less residue and a better flush.
  2. ContinuousClean functionality — An in-tank compartment houses two commonly sized cleaning tablets and automatically dispenses a user-defined amount of cleaner with each flush, keeping the bowl clean up to five times longer. A convenient light lets you know when it’s time for a refill.
  3. CleanCoat™ technology — A specially formulated enamel in the bowl prevents bacteria, mildew and mineral deposits from sticking around, helping keep your toilet cleaner longer.
  4. Concealed and skirted trapway — They look sleek and modern, yes, but there’s also a function to the form. Skirted trapways eliminate one of the most tedious parts of cleaning the toilet, replacing those hard-to-reach places with a plane of smooth, one-swipe peace of mind.

So there you have it, the not-so-secret secrets to making this dreaded chore a little less dreadful. Take one tip or take them all, we just hope we’ve helped you improve your cleaning routine.


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