Statement™ VES Single-function handshower kit, 1.5 gpm Matte Black

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Matte Black
Vibrant Brushed Nickel
Polished Chrome

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Create a luxurious showering experience with this Statement VES handshower kit, including variable-flow handshower with Katalyst technology, wall-mount magnetic-docking handshower holder and supply elbow, and premium shower hose. The single-function handshower delivers a perfectly balanced full-coverage spray, while adjustable flow lever allows you to conserve water, if desired. The handshower's artfully sculpted sprayface complements contemporary and minimalist baths.


- Wide coverage spray produces an encompassing spray for everyday use.
- 1.5 gpm (5.7 lpm) maximum flow rate handshower allows you to save water without sacrificing performance or coverage.
- Variable-flow lever lets you adjust from 1.5 gpm (5.7 lpm) down to 0.5 gpm (1.9 lpm) water pause for greater conservation during your shower routine.
- Sprayface resists hard water buildup and is easy to clean.
- Magnetic docking connection allows for handshower height adjustment of 2" (51 mm) and spray angle tilt of 24-58°.
- Includes K-20998 Statement VES handshower, K-21051 Statement VES wall-mount handshower holder and supply elbow, and K-21049 Statement 60" (1524 mm) handshower hose.



- Katalyst® air-induction technology infuses water with air, creating bigger drops for a more powerful spray.


- Wall-mount.
- For use in shower-only installations.

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