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If you are planning your bathroom, and you are looking for bathtubs in which you can enjoy it daily, or on occasions when you want to relax, at GROF we have for you the most reliable brand to choose from, as is Kohler. With a wide variety of bath tubs, designed with a perfect balance between technology, functionality, and elegance, all united to offer a unique experience in your moments of relaxation and pleasure, being alone or accompanied. With the most advanced technology to achieve a unique sensory experience inspired by nature, and make you live those special moments in your bathtub.

We want to offer you the perfect bathtub for your whims, but without leaving behind the elegance and unique design of your bathroom, for this reason, we have freestanding bath tubs, or built-in bathtubs, bathtubs and vintage bathtubs to satisfy the demands of your taste. In size, distribution, and planning of your bathroom. Elegance and comfort united for the enjoyment of shipments, designed to be the center of attention in the bathroom. Some are square and others with curved corners that lighten the visual sensation and allow easy adaptability to spaces.

The bathtubs today are the most beautiful place in the home to relax, they offer you a feeling of comfort and well-being. For this reason, we offer the widest variety of functions with the best technology to satisfy your high demands in design and quality.

Enjoy fizzy chromatherapy baths with a partner deep and private in our sok® tub. Fizzing ports release miles of tiny champagne-like bubbles, creating a luxurious sensory experience for two. The immersion bath offers a full-body immersion as chromatherapy surrounds you with soothing colored lights, with a continuous stream of water cascading over the sides of the sink. 

With our Escale® bathtub you can feel an embrace of bubble cushions, with air jets that release thousands of bubbles to massage all over your body that will help focus your mind and release tension in your muscles, with an additional space to relax and enjoy of air with massage 

We have Kohler bathtubs, which offers you the ideal materials to offer an attractive bathroom, classic architectural style, high quality materials, and easy to clean. Finishes allow for dynamic stylish geometries and sharp details and character-rich hand-finished, smooth curves for added neck support.

If you are looking for something classic or an antique treasure enhancing the comforts of modern design, we have the right thing for you with the perfect combination of design and comfort. If you are looking for flowing, balanced curves that give sculpted simplicity to match your bath, this Veil ™ stand alone bathtub offers a luxuriously deep bathing experience with supportive contours that cradle your body.

If you are looking for a restorative, invigorating, wonderfully warm, relaxing, or pleasant bath, if you are looking for that spa in your bathroom, we have the right bathtub for any of your needs, and bathroom planning, with a wide range of colors and colors. The highest quality from the most trusted brand on the market for luxury and quality Kohler.

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