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Work from home? Soundproof Doors are your best choice

Privacy and Comfort

Our doors are solutions

Originally when we designed our house, it is very likely that we did not consider the possibility of teleworking given the new circumstances in which we live post COVID. Seeing this panorama, now more than ever we offer an ideal solution, our doors manage to isolate the sound from the outside in such a way that you can have the privacy, concentration and comfort necessary to carry out the tasks that you are passionate about.

On the other hand, from a more technical point of view, GROF Barausse doors have been tested by laboratories that certify their maximum efficiency when it comes to soundproofing a space, which is perfect even for offices, clinics or health centers, where privacy and sanitation are priority.

The perfect home setup

The properties that provide this functionality to isolate the sound, ranging from the moment the door is manufactured, using sound absorbing fillers, as well as the hinges, frames and handles, all play a unique role in the way in which the doors GROF brand Barausse manage to create that especially suitable space.

Perhaps the most important thing about these interior doors is that they can be customized and adapted to the style of your home or commercial space. Our intention is that they can be adapted without breaking the current design and that they can also provide the best quality, without neglecting the functionality of the space taking into account the high standards of cleaning and sanitation, always keeping this concept clear in the use of the materials which are the most durable, resistant and easy to clean on the market.

There is a door for each space

One of the designs we are most proud of is the Tecno SECRET line. Doors flush with the wall, with the acoustic property that blends completely with your current wall, maintaining the luxury of your space with all the properties mentioned above.

Our doors are useful in a wide range of applications where acoustic comfort plays a fundamental role, from hotels to libraries, where requirements have led us to certify interior doors to withstand a volume of 41 db, being able to withstand the visit of a Rockstar while not disturbing the more sophisticated librarian in the next room, bringing comfort to all styles.


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Choosing the right door for your space is very easy.

Wide Range

With your good judgment you can select from our wide variety of finishes, choose between wood or aluminum, with hinges or flush with the wall, with multiple types of frames and handles.

If what you are looking for is to have professionals in the area that facilitate the choice, we put our design consultants at your disposal and even if you want a more comprehensive service, you can enter our design plans, where we will help you not only with the selection of your doors, also with a complete remodeling of your spaces if you need it.

Visit our wide range of products to complement the preferred spaces in your home or workplace and enjoy the ability to live in a place where you love to spend your time.

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We are interested to learn how we can help you to choose the best products for your project, support you with all the specifications requested and deliver the most personalized and exclusive service.

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