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There is much more than the typical home improvement store interior door. And we have it!

If you or your level of customers want much more than the average 8’ by 3’ weightless hinged door you are reading the right article.

When it comes to interior doors, few builders get that they are an important part of an integral design and should be considered in the design face of the project, when doing it at this stage you will be able to play not only with the design aspect but also with the functionality and space that you will get depending on the type of door opening you could pick.

Sliding doors

Give more space to rooms that require it, integrate to different rooms into one to allow a rich and plentiful area to your home, permitting to either host a larger reception or simply get a different feeling of space between the rooms and throughout the house.
Depending on your needs you could have different subsystems to slide them.

• Fila External Sliding:

Its mechanism allows the door to slide invisibly on the wall. You won see the rails and give a magical effect to the eye.

• Volta Sliding door with pelmet:

This line of sliding door systems is anchored to the ceiling, which is extremely versatile and flexible, with pelmet means it give a decorative aspect to the track on the ceiling covering it with a profile combined with the door.

• Retractable or Internal Sliding Door:  

The retractable sliding doors are composed of a leaf, a wooden frame and a metal box embedded in the wall, inside which the door disappears. In this way the door takes up a minimal amount of space and leaves the walls completely free.

• Double Internal Sliding Doors:      

Internal wall sliding doors are the best solution to separate large spaces in a flexible way. In fact, with a simple gesture it is possible to divide two rooms as if there were a real wall, and then return to the open space.

• Flush Sliding Door:

If you are looking for minimal aesthetic this is the ideal solution. This system doesn’t have architraves or doors jambs and it is installed with metal boxes inside the wall allowing the door to disappear completely. It can be made in large sizes, with different type of leaves and finishes.

• Double-flush Sliding Doors: 

The double flush sliding doors are perfect for dividing large rooms while enhancing the aesthetic elegance of the spaces and the finishes of the leaves. Also in this case, the door disappears inside the metal box embedded in the wall.

• Pivot Doors system:

as its name tells you it pivots in its own axe, this system is not so common to see, it needs less space to open than a swing door opening system, you will not see the hinges so easily as regularly they are in the floor and in some cases floor and top frame.

• Pivot Sliding Doors:

This is a cool tech opening system, it also allows you to save space moving the door through a mechanism that rotates the leaf on itself and allows opening and closing in both directions taking up the minimum amount of space. With this system you can also open your spaces to be integrated.

• Folding Doors:

Some spaces do not allow sliding or pivot sliding doors that’s when this system steps up, also will always give a nice, impressive attention to the customer’s eyes. It consists of a single door divided into two sections that folds back into themselves to permit opening.

• Swing Doors:  

This System permits the doors to be opened in both directions by pushing and pulling, and the leaf will return automatically to the closed position. They were used in the 60’s 70’s and 80’ typically in the kitchen areas where it allows the flow of people coming from the kitchen to the dining. In our times they are very common in the hospitality buildings and service locations where there is a high flow of people in both directions.


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