Highcliff™ Ultra Floor-mounted top spud flushometer bowl White

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This Highcliff Ultra floor-mount flushometer bowl features a revolutionary flushing engine, a refined aesthetic design, and a second pair of bolt holes to provide great stability. Measuring 16-7/8” to the top of the rim, the Highcliff Ultra meets both ADA and CSA height requirements. The Ultra engine represents a breakthrough in flush performance, tolerating a wide range of water supply conditions found in R&R and new construction. The Highcliff Ultra is listed from 1.1 to 1.6 gpf but can operate at 1.0 gpf. It performs well at every flush interval, making it uniquely effective with dual flush valves. It has been proven with all manner of valves (diaphragm, piston, manual, and electronic) from a variety of manufacturers.


- Elongated bowl.
- 4-bolt base for added stability.
- 1-1/2" (38 mm) top spud.
- 10" x 7" (254 mm x 178 mm) water surface.
- 2-1/8" (54 mm) fully-glazed trapway.
- 10" or 12" (254 or 305 mm) rough-in.
- 1.1 gpf (4.2 lpf), 1.28 (4.8 lpf) or 1.6 gpf (6.0 lpf) depending on flushometer specified.
- Remplace la cuvette a robinet de chasse a 4 boulons Highcliff K-4368-B.


- Vitreous china.


- Designed to outperform competitors in bowl cleanliness and plug resistance.
- Maximum waste removal.
- Engineered for toilet seat cover removal.
- Excellent bowl rinse.
- Engineered to flush effectively in buildings with low supply pressure and flow.
- Maximum drain line carry at all flush volumes per ASME standard.


- 26-1/8" L x 14-5/8" W x 16-5/8" H.
- Replaces Highcliff K-4368-B. Height and footprint may vary.
- Siege non compris.

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