Torsion® Frameless sliding shower door, 77" H x 45-11/16 - 47-1/4" W, with 5/16" thick Crystal Clear glass Bright Polished Silver

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Inspired by the way modern architecture flows cleanly through space, Torsion shower doors fuse functionality with structural integrity and flawless design. An internationally award-winning design, Torsion brings fresh, contemporary minimalist style to your bath combined with ease of installation.


- Right-hand door slides open, fixed panel on right.
- 11" geometric handle on both sides of the glass has a solid, heavy feel.
- Ultra-low threshold (9/16-inch) for easy entry and exit.
- Seals provide excellent water containment.
- Door catch closes door securely.
- CleanCoat® nanotechnology provides a smooth, nonstick surface to help prevent buildup of water stains, bacteria and mildew on your glass, to make it easy to clean and keep it looking like new.
- No exposed screws for a sleek, contemporary look.
- Aucune vis exposée pour un aspect élégant et contemporain.
- Offert avec un fini argent brillant (SHP).


- Frameless, 5/16" (8mm) thick Crystal Clear tempered glass.
- Anodized aluminum hardware prevents rusting or corrosion.



- Sliding shower door.
- Pre-assembled frame requires no cutting during installation.
- 3/4" (19 mm) width adjustability on each wall jamb, offering 1-1/2" (25 mm) total adjustability.
- Roller system adjustability for out-of-plumb fine-tuning.
- Not for use in hospitality.
- For residential use only.
- Hardware kit included.

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