The Charm of Large-Format Tiles

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The Charm of Large-Format Tiles:

Large-format tiles are a growing trend associated with luxury, status, and cleanliness providing a stunning appearance to the projects and being extremely popular between homeowners, designers, and top-contractors.

Large-format tiles can be found in an important variety of collections, covering styles such as Wood-look tiles, concrete look tiles, Stone-look tiles, terrazzo-look tiles, and the formidable marble-look tiles, like the Kiruna. In all these styles, Vives is recognized as the leading brand of large format tiles in Europe with a wide presence in the North American market and local distribution.

Keep in mind

It is as important to have a spectacular piece of large format tile, as well as to have a professional installer that highlights its beauty with a high-detailed installation..

Large-format tiles are

the perfect way to remodel your bathroom or living space, adding a modern touch that follows the design industry trends.

More reasons to choose large format tiles are their durability, and that porcelain is almost 100% waterproof, being the perfect ally for the value of your property over the years, and because of their size, you need less pieces per space, which means fewer grout lines making your space look cleaner and natural.

When you think of large format tiles, do not think just of floor tiles, you can find them in a wide variety of styles and designs that include wall tiles, backsplashes, facades, and much more.

If you are thinking of installing large format tiles, you should keep in mind the following tips when installing them or selecting the right floor installer.

Here are some good practices:


Large Format Tiles Must Be Supported Properly


Level Floors & Plumb Walls


Planning the Layout before beginning the installation


Safeguarding Against Cracking with Proper Mortar

Large-format tiles installation requires a higher effort than the rest of the ceramics, but with an expert installer and our Design Consultants advise, your project will stand out in beauty and status. Additionally porcelain & ceramic tiles are extremely durable and easy to clean, which is a great tool to raise the value of your project while you enjoy the best quality materials of the market.



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