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Great design and powerful performance never go out of style. KOHLER® toilets are a testament to that, which is why they’ve been a fixture in American homes for over 140 years. Just ask interior designer and real estate developer Anthony Carrino. He’s outfitted all three of the bathrooms in his refurbished firehouse with KOHLER toilets, including a Persuade® Comfort Height® in his guest bathroom. Ask him what he likes to spec and install in all the homes he designs, including his own, and he’ll tell you, “Kohler, of course.”


Innovation is everything.

At Kohler, we’re passionate about our work. We continuously seek new ways to make KOHLER toilets cleaner and more powerful with ever greater efficiency. The results speak for themselves, with a long line of innovations, including Revolution 360® swirl flushing technology, ContinuousClean technology and CleanCoat technology. Revolution 360 sends water around the entire bowl for complete coverage that leaves nothing behind. ContinuousClean technology automatically fights germs with every flush to keep the bowl cleaner longer—up to four times longer than a conventional toilet. CleanCoat technology prevents bacteria, mildew and mineral deposits from sticking, so the bowl stays fresher. And our patented AquaPiston® flushing technology, the power behind our flush, packs a punch to eliminate clogs. When you put them all together, like in our Corbelle® and Betello® Comfort Height® toilets, you get Kohler’s cleanest, most powerful flush yet.


Design is in the details.

We consider every detail of the toilet. For instance, we replaced the hard-to-clean base of a traditional toilet with smooth, easy-to-clean sides on our one-piece and skirted toilets. Doing so minimizes the areas where dirt, dust and germs can collect, making them incredibly easy to wipe down and keep fresh. The single piece of vitreous china that extends from the front to the back of the toilet also hides the waterways and mounting system for a sleek and modern look.

We have also made things more comfortable in the bathroom with Comfort Height® toilets. Also referred to as chair height, these toilets make it easier to sit down and stand up. We’ve also made toilet installation easier for professionals and DIY-ers alike with our patented ReadyLock® system, which eliminates the need to drill holes into the floor. As a pioneer in the world of color and design, we’ve built our toilets to continue that legacy with a wide range of options to suit any taste, mood or style.


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